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We are a group of Producers and Film makers, Distributors, and Movies Consumers interested in the promotion of the movie industry at all levels. We promote, subscribe and watch our movies through a referral network marketing system design to provide an all Win-Win solution to Producers/Film makers, Distributors, and Consumers.

Movie Club is a subscription base ecosystem design to bring the best entertainment Anywhere Anytime by promoting affordable and business-like return on your subscriptions to watch movies, it is base on the Referral Network Marketing principle for a "DIGITAL PRODUCT" which is "Movie Subscription Service" with Gobantu.TV. The Opportunities are endless, you can refer any number of people at all levels and earn some residual income which could be used to renew your subscriptions to watch more movies or cash out.


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Gobantu.Tv Short Films and Movie Premiere is a Content Distribution Service working in partnership with movie Producers, Directors, and Actors to facilitate streaming and distribution of Movies/Series online. Our platform is compatible with Mobile, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops and Smart TV.


We are a truly global Club with registered members in every part of the globe, JOIN US today.


We always provide the best support to all our users. Do not hesitate to contact us for any issues.


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Our platform has ultimate security with 2FA authentication built in the system.


You can get the golden opportunity to actually make a lot of MONEY here and at the same time getting top notch entertainment at home and even when mobile.

How It's Work

This secured website with a user-friendly interface and support of various languages is a breeze to use. Additionally, this site has both desktop and mobile views!!

How Do We Subscribe?

You subscribe by first making sure you have an account on the gobantu streaming platform (https://gobantu.tv, it's FREE), then using the same email address and register an account on the Movie Club platform. When you register, you will then need to chose your subscription plan or package to upgrade and or maintain your current position in the team. Select the package and proceed to payments, you will see the option to pay manually using mobile money, on this option there is a description on how to process this. Please read carefully the instruction on the screen and ensure you send us your registered email address and the transaction reference of your Mobile Money payments for us to activate your position and streaming package so you can start watching movies and earning money. Each subscription will give you a tentative amount you can make every month if you build a large team. YOUR NEXT STEP ...? Register Now and get a Referral User ID on this platform. Decide on the type of team you want to build base on the type of subscription (Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly). Add funds to your Movie Club Wallet and Subscribe to a package, we accept PayPal, Stripe, and Manual Payments (Cash, Mobile Money etc). If payment was by Mobile Money, create a Request Ticket with the payment transaction reference for your wallet balance to be updated by clicking Get Support on the bottom left menu in your account screen. After subscription, your package will be activated on the Streaming Platform within the next 24hrs. Start inviting your team members to register under you using the referral links, use the SLOGAN "Watch Movies and Earn Money" more frequently during your invitation. Take time to explain the objectives of the MovieClub and how rewarding it is financially. Assist your team members to register and invite others to join them. Encourage and motivate your team to subscribe and watch movies, more subscriptions equals more money. Even after getting a large team, you can still refer new club members and earn the REFERRAL BONUS at all levels. There are lots of interesting movies to watch on our platform, Build a Team, Watch Movies, and Make Money, "Repeat the Process Again and Again", the sky is your limit. People are looking for opportunities to stay at home and make money while being entertained, this is the opportunity. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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60 USD
  • Business Volume (BV) : 0
  • Referral Commission : $ 10
  • Commission To Tree : $ 5
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